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Hola!  My name is Damaris and I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio but I live in Cuenca, Ecuador.  I came here as a footloose, fancy-free, adventure-seeking volunteer about 7 years ago.  I wasn’t looking to stay here long-term, or do anything long-term for that matter, but who would have guessed that a spunky little girl with stubborn Polish blood coursing through her veins could find her “media naranja” (half an orange or better half) in South America!  Not me.  Although it was the last thing I was expecting, it was and still is the BEST thing.

In the meantime, life is different now.  For the past 3 years Marcelo and I have been busy making a home and building a life for ourselves in Cuenca.  Like so many other relationships, ours is one that thrives on GOOD food.  I’ll never forget the day when I started to understand that my good friend Marcelo could possibly have something more in mind for us when he casually mentioned how delighted he would be to live out the rest of his days munching on carrots and hummus – a snack that I had introduced to him!  Ever since then we’ve been at each other’s side in search of the next tasty adventure.  Whether it’s coming to learn about and love the local flavor or understanding how to incorporate it into a North American dish, this blog is dedicated to dislosing our finds.

To read more about Marcelo and I and our life in Ecuador, check out our story featured here.  For LOTS more info on what it’s like to relocate to Ecuador, check out this series on www.gringoabroad.com.

Buen Provecho!!



  1. Rick Lenney
    March 14, 2016 @ 1:22 pm

    Hola Damaris

    Love your page and the subject you’ve chosen to write about. I hope you are successful with it, who doesn’t love food?

    Rick L


    • Damaris
      March 17, 2016 @ 5:59 pm

      Thanks!! And thank you so much for being my first commenter! Now I know the comment section actually works – ha! Hopefully you get a chance to try some of my recipes…I appreciate feedback.


  2. Alan Hochman
    April 7, 2016 @ 2:53 pm

    Great blog! Can’t wait to try some of these dishes.

    Is there a way to subscribe?


    • Damaris
      April 7, 2016 @ 3:40 pm

      Hello Alan! Thank you so much! I’m just getting started and still figuring all of the technical stuff out. Please feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest by clicking on the icons that are on the top right of the page. I’m also working on an email newsletter. If you’d like me to add you to the list, please let me know 🙂


  3. Jessica Wilmot
    May 17, 2016 @ 2:31 am

    Nice blog Damaris! It made me hungry! The plantains look amazing and I like that it is a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth…..cuz I have that and it bites me in the button every time! ?


  4. Jessica Wilmot
    May 17, 2016 @ 2:33 am

    Cool blog Damaris! The plantains look amazing and love that it satisfies sweet tooth. Because I have one and it bites me in the butt! I’m gonna try that…keep em comin! ?


  5. Gaby Salazar
    May 18, 2016 @ 1:09 am

    Really nice blog Damaris! Love them clean recipes ;).
    Great job, I look forward trying them!


  6. Ginger Capers
    May 25, 2016 @ 8:10 pm

    I love your blog! Awesome recipes! And your food photos are REALLY professional!


  7. Dianne
    May 26, 2016 @ 12:56 pm

    I just found your website and love it!
    Since I am rather old fashioned, I would like to be added to your email list please.


    • dwawak@gmail.com
      June 29, 2016 @ 2:28 pm

      Hi Dianne! I’d be happy to add you to my email list. Thanks so much for visiting!!


  8. Fernanda Alarcon W
    June 24, 2016 @ 4:36 am

    Gracias x compartir ideas fabulosas y saludables…y con ingredientes de acá..eso me encanta!!!


    • dwawak@gmail.com
      June 29, 2016 @ 2:24 pm

      Muchas Gracias Fer! Estoy “blogging” con mis amigos en mente 😉


  9. Meghan Wawak
    August 2, 2016 @ 3:16 pm

    Love the blog DD! The food photos are extra pretty; love the creative use of serving trays and fresh flowers.


  10. barbara
    August 6, 2016 @ 2:27 pm

    I am so happy to have found your blog!


  11. Heather
    August 6, 2016 @ 8:54 pm

    How can I sign up to follow you easily without instagram? Your recipes are lovely!


    • dwawak@gmail.com
      August 7, 2016 @ 5:27 pm

      Hi Heather! I would be happy to add you to my email list. I send out an alert every time I post.


  12. Jeannetta Stanley
    August 31, 2016 @ 1:32 am

    Damaris, SIMPLY AMAZING blog. I love it; the recipes, the spunk, the excitement. It is like talking to you in person and I LOVE IT!! Thanks for the awesome tips and of course, the recipes… as Rick said, “Who DOESN’T love FOOD??!!” I will share this with others! Keep it going.


  13. SandraM
    September 30, 2016 @ 5:40 pm

    Hola, Damaris 🙂 I just found your blog today, and am really enjoying your photos, recipes and stories. Great job! I’d love to follow or subscribe to get future posts as they come up but I don’t see an option here to do that. Is there a Subscribe button here that I’m missing? Or will you be adding one? I relayed your site to our “Food and Cooking in Ecuador” Fb page. I think lots of our friends there will enjoy your blog as much as I do. Thanks for sharing with us.


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