Eating All Around Quito, Ecuador

QUITO tacos (3)

Three weeks ago my parents came to visit us here in Ecuador!  To say that I was excited for their visit would be a huge understatement.  It had been 2 years since I’ve seen them in person, 2 years!!  The last time we saw each other is when Marcelo and I made our first trip together to the U.S.  That vacation was not so much of a vacation as it was a whirlwind.  The majority of my friends and family were meeting Marcelo for the first time so the trip was constant activity, running from place to place, trying to see and spend time with everyone.  It was great but I can’t say that Marcelo and I actually got to spend very much quality time with my parents.  This time was going to be totally different.  This trip was going to give us an opportunity to gel as a family.  And that we did.

I had a theme in mind for their vacation.  It was food and flowers – two things my family just cannot get enough of and two things that Ecuador offers in abundance.  But I was also searching for new experiences for myself so we decided to begin our trip in Quito, a city which seems to have something for everyone.

Marcelo and I got the food-party started well before my parents even touched down at a place called Frida Tacos.  This mexican style taquería is in an artsy area of Quito called La Floresta which is chock-full of little independent restaurants and shops waiting for exploration.  Frida Tacos has a clean, modern yet festive and artistic feel which I really enjoyed.  The menu offers mainly (of course) authentic mexican tacos but includes sides like guac and chips and stuffed poblano peppers.  They also have vegetarian options and a self-serve salsa bar with four choices ranging in spiciness.  But my favorite part of our visit was a perfectly crafted artisan ginger ale made by someone who I can only assume to be a genius!  That bottle of soda far exceded my expectations after our long drive from Cuenca to Quito.

QUITO tacos frida kion

The next day, Friday, we still had some time to kill before heading to the airport so we started the morning off at Cafe Rio Intag, an adorably decorated coffee shop that features a strong organic brew from Ecuador’s Intag Valley.  With our to-go coffees in hand and basking in the blue skies and warm sunshine we headed to el Mercado de la Floresta (located on la Galavis and Isabel La Católica), a delighful weekly farmers market which comes around every Thursday and Friday only.  There we found the usual fruits and veggies, plus stands with flowers, cured meats, artisan cheeses and other snacks available for tasting.  We picked up some roses to welcome my parents as well as homemade prosciutto and a couple of nice cheeses to offer as a post-flight snack.

encebollado (2)QUITO market (3)

Since we had stlll yet to have breakfast we decided on a fave of Marcelo, encebollado, a yuca, tomato and albore tuna fish soup commonly eaten as a type of brunch here in EC.  Marcelo had spotted a place with an intriguing name, Señor Encebollado.  With a name like that it was worth trying their take on this classic dish.  We were not disappointed; we scarfed it right down.  As much as we were loving being out and about, it was finally time to go pick up the parents.

On Saturday “relaxation” was the word of the day.  It’s never a good idea to push visitors their first day in Ecuador, especially if they’re not used to the altitude.  I thought that a sweet little cafe called Botánica Café Jardín, also in La Floresta, would be the perfect place to just stop and take it all in and I was not wrong.  Surrounded by brightly painted murals and a plethora of potted plants on the patio we were quickly inspired into vacation mode.  Gourmet salads, sandwiches, soups, juices, smoothies, pour over coffee and some pretty luscious desserts are on the menu so we bascially had a grand ol’ time with all that!  A table favorite was definitely the cheesecake in a jar topped with dulce de higo (fig preserve).

QUITO botanica 2(3)QUITO botanica (3)

We ended Saturday in one of Quito’s vallyes, Cumbayá.  There we took a stroll down a couple kilometers of the Ruta Chaquiñan.  It’s meant for bikes but walkers are welcome and it’s a great intro to life in EC with wonderful views and peeks into everyday life.  At 2 kilometers there is a beautiful botanical reserve.  Surrounding the central park of Cumbayá are SO many restaurant options and I wanted to try them all!  There is even a food truck patio!  But at the end of a small debate we ended up at St. Andrew’s Scottish Gastropub where Marcelo was delighted by his first ever fish and chips and my dad was delighted be the long list of national and imported beers.

File_002 (2)flowers (2)

By Sunday we had a little more adventure planned.  At my dad’s request we were headed up even higher for some beautiful mountain views on the city of Quito’s very own teleférico (cable car).  But first gotta tank up.  Sunday is kind of difficult in Ecuador because a lot of restaurants are closed but we knew where we could find a reliable breakfast, at a Plaza Foch institution, The Magic Bean where the coffee is always steaming, pancakes are always fluffy, the juice is always fresh and the food is always plentiful.  We enjoyed typical American style breakfasts.

QUITO magic bean (4)

After our little teleférico adventure we felt the need to pamper ourselves so we headed off to Cyril Boutique, not far from Parque La Carolina.  There we were met with very difficult decisions!  We had our choice of decadent pastries, croissants and artisan bread.  So we went for a little bit of everything and shared around.

QUITO cyril (4)

We ended Sunday early in order to rest up for the next adventure, a day trip to Mindo!  It would be my first time visiting the famous ecoregion of Ecuador.  Check out my next post to read all about it!  And for even more ideas for what to do in and around Quito follow me on Pinterest where I regularly pin lots of fun ideas!